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Candy Land: Chapter 3: Mr. Mint

Chapter 3
Mr. Mint

Far ahead of C.J., further down the multi-colored path of Candy Land, Aiden and Katie were trailing behind each other in a forest filled with Peppermint Trees. In the distance, echoing, as they slowly and warily walked further into the forest, there was singing that went very much like this:

Yo-ho-ho, there was a merry old soul, was he?
He walked around my forest tasting every tree,
He didn’t realize how much he had grown ‘til he rolled.
He cried out when he began to tumble down hill,
“Heave-ho below, Mr. Mint, for I have fallen ill.”
How did he know that I was nearby as he bowled?
The merry old soul in my ‘minty ol’ forest
Was King Kandy, king of Candy Land, as he rests
In my home of peppermint candies with a ‘mint cold.
Where are his coach and guards if Lord Licorice comes
With his candies of red that he has in large drums?
Lord Licorice, whom I despise, creates his own mold.
King Kandy has a merry old soul for he’s kind
For I’m Mr. Mint in my Peppermint fine mind.
King Kandy’s kindness is worth the entire land’s gold.

When the song ended, Aiden and Katie had followed the voice to a very tall man with a Peppermint looking ax. There was a reddish looking beaver with a peppermint striped tail with the man. The beaver was chattering away with the man as he cut down a peppermint tree as he shouts, “Timber”. The sound of the tree falling suddenly made the children jump back away from its landing. “Well howdy children. Whacha’ll doin’ here?” said the man, as he leans on his ax. “We heard you singing. Who’s Lord Licorice around here? We have been hearing about him along the way. And where are we?” asked Katie. “We’re in Peppermint Forest, of course. Lord Licorice is one who likes to feed everyone with his licorice. He loves licorice. But he isn’t very nice. He doesn’t like kids like you to go to King Kandy,” said the man.
“What was that you were cutting down?” asked Aiden, looking at the tree and bending over to taste it. “It’s a peppermint tree. So who are you two?” asked the man sounding suspicious. “This is Aiden. And I’m Katie. And who are you?” said Katie.
“Don’t you two recognize me?” asked the man as the children shook their heads, “I’m Mr. Mint.”
“Here have some peppermint. You two must be hungry,” said Mr. Mint as he breaks off a piece of peppermint off the tree while Aiden and Katie nodded.


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