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Candy Land: Chapter 1: The Magical Game in the Attic

Chapter 1
The Magical Game in the Attic

There in the attic of a house in Oregon was a lot of stuff that someone had put up there. A rocking horse, colors fading and its mane missing; a many boxes here and there; a Raggedy Ann doll, with an eye now on its last thread; and an owl shaped lamp with a tattered shade and a chain dangling below it with a wooden yellow moon attached at the end. It was filled with memories that were now gathering dust and put away to be forgotten in the dark attic.
It was the very attic that C.J. and her friends went up to one summer to hide from Uncle Scott who was playing Hide-and-Seek with them while the children were visiting him. That time the children were 6 years old. C.J.’s friends, Katie and Aiden, came over with C.J. since they were hearing wild stories about her uncle, Scott, from her.
Her name is C.J., big dreamy brown eyes, and brown hair. She’s the fastest runner in her school at playtime. Playing games and writing stories, especially Scott's wild stories were her favorite things.
Aiden is the only male friend of C.J.’s. He came along with C.J. and Katie to meet Uncle Scott at the family house. He heard stories about Scott and believed Scott should be in a loony bin. He has curly hair, small for his age but clumsy along with his big feet. He likes to eat candy in class when the teacher wasn’t looking and snores loudly when he's with C.J. or Katie when he could come over to their houses for play dates and has fallen asleep somewhere.
Katie acts like a big sister to Aiden but still teases him about his size. She doesn’t like candy or reading anything that doesn’t deal with super heroes. She works out a lot with her daddy who works at a local gym. Working out was Katie’s favorite thing to do.
Uncle Scott likes to tell his real stories to C.J. He likes to have fun. But also likes to write children stories for C.J. to read for him. He likes having her around to act out his stories, especially his real stories.
The house they were in was the family house. C.J.’s mom didn’t want it because the squeaking and moaning of the house scared her. Or so she claimed or C.J. just thought she was being silly. Uncle Scott enjoyed his childhood house as if he was living a fantasy world or something.
“In the attic, there are still ginger bread girls and boys wandering around looking for children to play with them. If you see someone in red and black clothing made out of licorice, beware of Lord Licorice. He would trap you in his world of licorice,” Uncle Scott would say in one nightly story he had told C.J. since she was 3 years old. The old story of the family was “The Adventures of Candy Land”.
“Scott, that’s not even real,” cried out Katie. “Yeah! How’s that even true?” asked Aiden. This happened last night when the children heard the story from him. “We have a game that can magically transport you to Candy Land. And I’ve been there a few times when I was about your age,” said Scott
So today the children were playing Hide-and-Seek and they hid in the attic. The things they saw were gathering dust. And the room was dark too. They heard Uncle Scott coming near the attic entrance. The closer they heard his footsteps, the more they moved behind the boxes.
“Pssst! C.J., take a look at this!” whispered Aiden behind a chest. I quickly but silently tiptoed, with moans from the floorboards, to Aiden. Katie came too. When they came to where Aiden was, he held an old tattered box. “Yuck, what a piece of junk. What is it?” C.J. asked. Aiden tilted the box just so a gold shine appeared across the top with the little light there was in the attic: Candy Land. C.J. remembered playing Candy Land with her mom before.
Here they were, a group of 6 year olds, looking at an old box of Candy Land. “I remember playing Candy Land,” stated Katie. Suddenly, a loud creak came from behind us and a light came on from a swinging light bulb in a socket. Katie, Aiden, and C.J. screamed until they heard, “Kids, its fine. It’s just me, Uncle Scott. I didn’t mean to scare you.”
He came under the light as the children stopped screaming. “So what do you got there, Aiden?” asked Scott, pointing to the tattered box of Candy Land. Aiden handed the box to Scott and he wiped the remaining dust off the box. Now that the light was on, the box is a coffee brown color with faded coloring. But the box Aiden was had found didn’t look familiar to C.J. And she didn’t think that the boxes of Candy Land looked like that.
Scott opened the box saying, “Come on, kids. Let’s see the characters.” So the children and Uncle Scott gathered around the chest as Scott put the board on top. “Who’s purple, red, yellow, and green?” asked Scott, as he got out the markers of the game. There were the little people of colors shaped as gingerbread people; and there were a deck of cards.
“Alright, let’s start the game,” said Aiden. Aiden had the yellow marker; Katie had the purple; Scott had the green; and C.J. had the red.
“So who’s going first?” asked Katie. “I’ll go,” said Scott. He picked up a card and moved his marker onto the color. Before it touched the board, the attic became filled with a rainbow of colors. The rocking horse had become alive and its colors and mane had come back. It neighed and rocked back and forth as the Raggedy Ann Doll stood on its feet and her eyes now blinked without dangling on its old thread. And the owl shaped lamp suddenly said, “Who, Who, Who,” as the owl stretched its wings under its shade. Toy Soldiers climbed out of the boxes with drums and their toy guns and marched in a straight line.


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