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Cancer is Wildfire

Good evening,

In recent events, a family friend has passed this morning around 10:00 EST. I was at the hospital last night with my parents. We were able to see the two kids and her husband. They were in denial. I am still in denial. Our friend, the mother, recently visited our home a few times this year, and the last visit was a few weeks before the cancer spread throughout her body.

We have a feeling she knew a year ago. She knew to plan her time with her daughter. She brought her to different colleges and universities to see which best suited her academic endeavors. The daughter is now attending Montclair State University.

My dad went to high school with her mother. Imagine - this was almost 40 years ago. She was only 53 when she passed.

This is just an update to let you know that I'm doing well despite the decline in activity. I will return to full gear soon.

Life is too short. So, I'll take this moment to say, "Thank you for giving me a reason to wake up tomorrow to accomplish something I struggled to do yesterday. Simply to write, and write more."

- Anthony


Sorry, Anthony - that's rough man. Hope her family can stick together and carry each other through the hard times. My thoughts are with you, and them.
So much that could be said. Cancer sucks really, really bad. You don't realize how much, until. Nothing good to say, except strength. And yes, life does go by fast.

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