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Can you explain the differences between features, functions, and capabilities?

Getting these 3 confused with each other makes your writing of their descriptions muddy, and none of these is a statement of need, though many slide an aspect of that into these with mixed success.

-How do you keep them clear & separate, and in which situations are they best utilized?
-If more than one at once, in which order?
-Are you shooting for the obvious pitch, or allowing your readers to come to your conclusion on their own?

Ultimately, the most impactful (<--- not a real word), memorable impression is the one they see as a revelation, or discover, on their own. If I preach to them, its in one ear & out the other. But if I lay the facts out, one by one, and build on what they know already, they mentally connect the dots on their own (so they think).

And isn't that the purpose of compelling writing in the first place? Make your 'story' memorable, relevant, and entertaining/educating.

How do you explain things in your writing?


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