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Campfire Rambles and Ravings

Later on Randy showed up and invited us all to his place.
His cabin has a shower and plumbed in toilet! He kept offering the use of it and I took him up on that offer.
Liberal Mark showed up making teenage noises and being bothersome in general.

I made moves to a distant valley cliff and took in the scenery. Even from there I could here LM’s voice criticising Idaho for an unknown reason which echoed over to me.
Understandably Britzen and BnB did not take to LM much.
Randy’s relatives arrived and it was time to go soon after.
Once back at the Mountain Hold Britzen weaved her cookery wand and rustled up another dish of delight.



After an hour of sitting around the campfire chatting Britzen made a faux pas by criticising Mike’s food procurement plan’s in such a way to grind his gears.
Without going in to the machinery of it this is what I summarize it as:
MMM’s long-term survival plan in the event of a TEOTWAWKI seemed perfectly feasible to me, especially with the minimal people living in the area and the hostile wilderness conditions Britzen reckoned the homesteading farm was key post collapse.
Formidible Britzen was respectful of course, if a little brusque, unswerving and untactful.
I wish I’d recorded Mike’s lyrical and impassioned response as it was pure gold. It went up and down, left and right with striding moves and flourishes, plus a glare or too in her direction.
Mike even remarked, as an aside in a joking manner that, with all my camera doings, inquisitive ways and unknown element’s I could be a CIA operative!

I never laughed as hard in week’s at that one, I made a mental note to needle him about that in the coming days. :)


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