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Buzz Kill (Language Warning)

This entry is part of a series of entries "The Totem Chronicles"
Buzz Kill

We’re bad-ass mother-fucking thugs,
cruel killers and disease infested bugs-
we’re plague givers,
shadow makers,
fraudulent fakers and takers~
stinking stalkers, death walkers,
teeny tiny trashy little talkers-

ripper buzzzbissszit ripper buzzzzbisssszit ripper buzzzzbissszap

We’re bad-ass mother-fucking bugs,
cruel killers and disease infested thugs-
We fight, bite, suck, and take flight,
while you vomit, shiver, and
shake from our sting,
as we bring on eternal night
from our unholy and inglorious blight-

ripper buzzzbissszit ripper buzzzzbisssszit ripper buzzzbissszapper zap zap
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OMG R, I just realized you've been on the Forum for 13 years! :shock:

I like the pics, are they yours? :)
Been a member almost from the beginning- WR was three months old when I joined. Chrispian the founder urged members from his other forum Lit.org to join WF to give it a helping hand---and the rest is history:)

No the pics are not mine, they are stock pics