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Brooklyn 1971

sas;2059599 said:
felixm, I have only been in this group for a year, so what I'm about to say may be wrong: When Darkkin gives such an in depth workshop it is because she sees value and potential in your work. Yes, this poem is your skelton to hang meat on to bring it alive. It's a flat black and white. Write it in color in 3-D. Don't give up on it. I thought it a creative use of rap, hood, and panthers (I assume the Black Panthers). I remember 1971 well. I was in Detroit. I don't remember rap then. But, could be wrong. Did rap exist in 1971. Hmmm.

Thanks very much. I thought that my line "took me back" would separate the rap I was listening to 3 days ago from 1971, but maybe I wasn't clear. Yes, the Black Panthers. Again, I realize that my cultural signs are recognizable to only a very few: their newspaper's(rag) motto was 'All The News That Fits'.


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