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Broken Spring

That digital vomit known as Wikileaks just spewed forth an other tasty tidbit.

A Hillary Clinton adviser was upset at the "backwardness" of The Catholic Church, and lamented that they were not more progressive (i.e. in-line with liberal Democratic policies).
The advisor thought there needed to be a "Catholic Spring", akin to that "Arab Spring", that went so well (sarcasm).

Disclaimer: I'm not Catholic. I don't like their doctrine, specifically placing the authority of Man over the Word of God.
That said, here's a breakdown of the asinine nature of that Hillary advisor's attitude.

First, The Church has already been moving "your direction" for decades. Like a spoiled brat who wants it all, you're not satisfied till you have it all. The few pockets of Catholicism that are still conservative must fall in line. Your failure to completely subdue and crush your opponents irritates you from dawn to dusk.

Second, many of these anti-Catholics are the biggest hypocrites in the modern political arena. They enjoy the political cover The Church provides on some issues (poverty) while blasting Catholics for their views on sanctity of life. For the group that goes hoarse screaming about "separation of church and state", why do you give two licks about a religious group? Oh right, they're just another voting block to be used and manipulated. A persons conscious or spiritual beliefs are of no concern against The Greater Good of The Party.

Finally, do they even teach history in school any longer? The Catholic Church already had a "Catholic Spring", about five hundred years ago. It was called "The (Protestant) Reformation". No, Martin Luther did not walk the streets of Selma. The fact that an adviser to one of the most powerful women in the world is THAT ignorant, almost leaves me speechless. And that does speak volumes to the quality of Her judgement, having a moron like that on her staff. Seriously, if you don't like The Catholic Church, there are hundreds of choices of Christian churches. Why dump on, and try to influence a doctrine you probably don't give a rat's arse about?

We know the answer, don't we? It's about control. If a Statist can't eliminate something that they don't like, they water it down until it is unrecognizable. For a group that bloviates about "choice", they want to make sure your choices are limited from Extra Mild to Devoid of Flavour.

I'm conflicted regarding Asange and his little enterprise. But his efforts have given us a view of what's inside the "thoughts" of some aspiring leaders. It's frightening.


escorial;bt7862 said:
are your thoughts scary...

I don't want to pressure or threaten anyone into changing their beliefs. I appreciate, and support diversity of thought.

There are many that do not see diversity as I do. Yes, they frighten me.
escorial;bt7865 said:
you seem to have an apathetic approach to beliefs and prefer to follow others.....

I prefer Pepsi over Coke. No one forced me. It was just a series of life experiences.

Yet, I don't think Coke should be changed or outlawed. There are those that think there are improper choices that you should not have the freedom to make.

My point is simple: If you don't like Catholicism, don't think that you have any right (moral, legal or political) to change it. The hubris of political operatives is outrageous and dangerous. People have a fundamental right to live their lives as they see fit. Even the Papists :wink:
i'm not of the same pov as you but one of the best discussions from a catholic pov touches on some of the points you make...

Well I don't really have a problem with what people think unless it effects me in a negative way.

Obviously not *just* when it negatively effects me. I'd like to think I stand up for the common individual.

But yeah, otherwise it's live and let live.

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