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Princesisto;2233745 said:
Yes and the week after the 1975 referendum, Prime Minister Wilson said that he would need some "eclaircissentent" of the Conservative Party leader's (Mrs Thatcher's) position on the meaning of the referendum. Ever heard French with a Yorkshire accent? Also, "eclaircissesentent" is not a word in French. He was probably trying to say "eclaircissement" (clarification). They should have known that they were posing as Europeans and in the wrong place.

General de Gaulle, as President of France in the 1960s, replying to the original application of Britain to join the Common Market in 1961, always said that it was wrongheaded, not because Britain was not a world power and economic power equal to France, but because the British were not Europeans. Their culture was totally different. If skeletons could smile (more than sardonically), I am sure that the great General's would have been smiling for three years now and will be cock-a-hoop on 31 October 2019. It took the British fifty years to understand what he tried to tell them in the 1960s.

The great Empire, on which the sun never set, has been a colony of the ever-more-centralising European Union for almost 30 years now. As a non-British, non-European observer, educated in Britain, who respects Britain very much, I think I can, like Mr Trump, admire the courage of the British people in declaring independence. Whether you believe that they are right or wrong - and, as a trained economist, I can certainly understand the arguments and projections on both sides - the sleeping lions are awake and roaring tonight. If Mr Johnson can harness that spirit of independence and let it drive the nation forward to become the independent trading partner of the world, Britain will prosper outside Europe. As it looks like that decision has been made, may it be so!


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