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Two twins who were brought up by an alcoholic parent each led a different life...one was teetotaler and the other an alcoholic were asked by a shrink if their up bringing had an effect on their life and they both replied..what else could I be..


Nature or nurture?
We are what we are.
I don't think a person's past has anything to do with how they turn out.
Sure, a teetotaler can spend his life craving a drink but never daring to because of his dad. The alcoholic was always going to like a drink and, well, there are so many causes/reasons why a person goes that way.
But we are what we are imo and ultimately, the truth WILL out.
Who KNOWS why?

"BREXIT " :scratch:
If Britain is one parent, and Europe is the other, I get it.
Britain has never been part of Europe (proper). They each have their own dysfunction. Forced marriages rarely work.
Sometimes, a divorce is best for all.
I think, at the end of the day, joining the EU was an insurance policy. A very expensive insurance policy. The people of GB have always been short on self-confidence but, finally,ultimately, eventually, and not necessarily in that order, enough is enough.
It's time for the old bird to take to the air.
Winston I don't think the British have ever felt European....well not the people I've met so far.

epimethus the UK is still in it...it can't afford a brain drain....
get rid of her ..keep her...you scratch my back and i'll knife yours..what a suprize
All the british euro mps will get their 73k a year pension whatever the outcome for life and the tax payer will have to pay for all the other countries as well..win,win all round for the likes of Farage...well wouldn't you still cash in...
Britain had the worst-performing economy in Europe, with one of the worst industrial relations in the world.

Joining the EU transformed that into one of the best-performing economies in the world.

Look for Brexit to reverse that and the UK to return to being one of the worst-performing economies in Europe.

The Leave’s ignored the maxim that a rising tide lifts all boats.
Economy's have so many variables...like building an inferstructure to cope with future trends...for many years now the new world order has expanded and the UK...United it isn't but the country has learned to adapt it's economy to global trends and moved into a service reliant economy which concerns many but it can diversify...

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