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Boiler release valve.

I'm waiting on a new device to play music. I somehow lost my old phone while moving. I can play games, but they get boring after awhile.I can't write. Not without music. I need it.

It's what shaped my imagination.

I liked music videos, as a younger child. That's when it first started. Movies, songs... animated cutscenes...I first just had a little walkman. Popped a cd in there and walked around. I started imagining my own stories to the music.

Did you know?

Researchers made a completely soundproof room. The walls...absorbed all sound, and let none in from the outside world. They turn off all the lights so you can't see, either.

What they found is that the brain reacts strangely to a complete lack of input. After only minutes, they hallucinated, saw lights and heard sounds.

Like the phantom pains of an amputee, their brains were trying to create the lost input.

I have listened to music for so long, because I think too much. It's easier to daydream, forget the world, and imagine my own.

Well, I have no music. Being alone with my thoughts is terrifying.

But even then. Music is only good for so much. Eventually I get bored of the same songs, and have to wait until so many of my favorite artists release new singles or albums.

And there's that short space of time that makes me question my sanity.

That's why I'm scared of living alone.

Other people are not just sources of stimulation and conversation, they are sounding boards. Tuning forks.

I have no adjuster, no engineer, no way to maintenance myself. How to I know if my pressure is correct? Am I functioning properly?

Without other people, I would never know.


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