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bob and weave

I took three this morning. One actually pulled over to letme pass. I’ve done the same twice lately. I got a thumbs up for the one. Inearly caught up to them finally as they got jammed up by some slow carsfurther up.

I had one guy get mad at me I think. I was staying back aways but he was still breaking hard and late on purpose. For whatever reason Ididn’t really care anyway, whatever he was doing, as I knew I would pass himcoming up—I know all the sections. When I did I don’t think he liked it but whatthe hell—that’s his issue, not mine. Ipassed him and another car in front of him at one swoop and then I never sawthem again.

Men are funny about their road rage. Some are awfully bravein their cars and I have even seen one get out and go scream at woman in her car in frontof me while stopped at a red light. What a pussy; that’s all I can say. It’s okay to be afraid but for anadult to go and bully because he’s such a pussy. He would have never pulledthat with a male. He screamed some short rant and then walked back to his car. Ishould have said something I think but at the time it was over so quick, and Ididn’t.

I would’ve been afraid anyway, but I have done many thingsthat I was afraid of, even punched people that needed punching though I didn’twant to/was afraid-to but I did it anyway. There are some things that you justhave to buckle-down, and I feel much worse for it when I didn’t. Those instancesare regrets that I still have when I think about them. I was such a pussy.


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