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Apart from the odd day's shopping, i've barely ventured out since Christmas eve. I'm feeling stuffy and quite bored with myself. I really ought to make an effort, a walk and a breath of fresh air would, i'm sure, do me good.. Yes it's cold out, not as bad as in other parts of the country, but the sun is shining, and by lunchtime it'll be quite bearable out there.
But i'm old, and there's much to be said for being warm and comfortable.
Truth be known, i'm just too lazy to shave,wash myself, and drag a brush over my head. Maybe i won't. I mean, does it really matter? I could wrap up warm, put a decent coat on, and who'd know? Or care?
I might just.
I'm cooking right now so it won't be until about midday'ish, we'll see.



And i took that walk.
Went up town and bought a newspaper.
It was pretty much a non-event but it did no harm.

Can you believe this?
When i went out of town the other day on the bus, i was so taken by the sight of our local cemetery that i'm seriously considering attempting to do a little something on it.
( I still can't use the word "write" in association with anything that i post.

Can do no harm i suppose, learning all the time.
I really must drag myself out of my home tomorrow.
"BLURGH!" Doesn't come close to how i'm feeling right now.
I don't know why but i find myself dwelling on the sight of that cemetery, the site upon which it is situated, and something about those graves is nagging at me.
You people speak of researching certain subjects, well, right now i have more questions than answers, floating around in my head. I'm not sure if i want to commit to this, but it won't go away. Or maybe i can't let go of it. Whatever.
Oh i don't know...................

And Escorial,
maybe i could just deviate from what actually is.
We'll see.

Still dithering.
I need to go there, to pause, and to think.
If i eventually do, you'll see why i'm taking so much time thinking about it.

Thanks for your comments Escorial, i appreciate it.

Ohhhhhhh dear,
i made that walk.
Now, i ask myself, what was the point?
Why did i go there?
Why did i start this?
And does it REALLY matter?
We'll see.

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