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Blogs scare me.

To be clear, your blog doesn't scare me. The countless other blogs strewn about the intrawebs don't scare me. I don't have blogaphobia. In fact there isn't much I am scared of. I have always been confident in myself and when I wasn't I could always "Fake it til I make it". I'm not an anxious person. Cynical for sure. Sarcastic to a fault. Pesimistic? Not usually.

But my blog scares me.

This is the first ever blog entry I have ever written. Now, I understand that a blog can be anything you want and that they are used in any number of ways, from self-reflection to self-promotion.

But I think at its heart a blog is a reflection of your thoughts, desires, fears; the inner workings so to speak. More-so than a forum entry where you start a conversation or join in on one and you decide what you are willing to contribute. A blog says "This is what I think" if anyone cares.

This is where my fear comes from. For some people it's enough to just put it out there. Who cares what anyone else thinks, and that's great. But then why post it at all. If I'm putting it down for others to see, I'm looking for some input - no? Maybe not, maybe it it just a recording of my thoughts, a place I can look back to and say "What the hell was I thinking?"

But what if my thoughts, ideas, beliefs... etc, doesn't match anyone else and I find myself outside "the norm" and at odds with the masses. Or worse, they are so mundane, generic, uncontroversial, they stir no emotions in anyone but myself. Could I be ... boring?

I'm not sure If I'm ready for that mirror to be shoved in my face. So I'll leave you with this - How's that local sports team, weather, current event doing?


When I came here, I had never given a shit about blogs in general.

I now have 27 posts under my belt.

Shit's good for letting out what's on your mind.

There's a small group of bloggers here that post regularly, and although I really don't pay attention to all of them, every so often I'll read a random one or one from someone I enjoy brain picking (like Smith).

I also dgaf if anyone likes/reads it.

I use it as more of a soap box than a journal, though.

Frankly, this is your space to post whatever the hell you want. Go crazy.
Hey, go for it. Putting your thoughts on (virtual) paper for all to see is liberating - and who gives a flip if no one likes it (and if they do, you realize there are others out there who share your feelings).

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