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Blogs, Crocodiles and an Homage to Mr Hyde... can it get any better?

Well, after browsing these forums for several days I began to notice all this 'blog' melarchy.

Blogs have always confused me. I like to consider myself an experienced internet user and throughout the years I have seen the rise of things like blogs, or vlogs or just ordinary logs (no... wait... IT'S A CROCODILE!) but I have never really paid any attention to them at all. Now, however, having returned to a writing forum, I thought I would give it a go myself. So I did a bit of a research, which somehow morphed in to a LOT of research. So here I am, 12 cups of tea and several chocolate biscuits later -- I still have no idea what a Blog actually is...

I pondered a while; thinking what I could write about it, what persona I could write it in, if anyone would actually find it the least bit interesting. These are all things a seasoned blogger would know. I, however, am nothing more than a 19 year-old nut case (I believe that's the medical term) with a penchant for drinking, self-deprecation and loneliness. Add in to that that I know next to nothing about how to go about writing a blog.

So I decided to vent. Yes, that's right. Another teenager who believes the world revolves around him (which is why it's so bloody awful) and who is a lot less intelligent than he believes he is.

You see, beloved readers, we all have things to vent about; things we find unsavoury or particularly sour which we simply can't stand. I haven't lived very long, and god knows my vision of reality is warped from various... oddities that were pointed out when I was a child. However, I believe this adds character to my experiences. The character in question may be a homage to Mr Hyde, or a Faustian type fellow, but that's interesting, right? Right?

Anyway, I babble, better to be brief. My blog, if you can call it that, will be a collection of vents. Various insights in to the mind of a self-made madman, who somehow manages to keep the insanity at bay with a mix of prescription drugs and bone-idleness.

Being able to laugh now and then helps. :salut:


*installs requested ventilation system*

There. All done!

Oh, wai- Sorry 'bout that. Just having fun. I am but a nut-case like you, I think. :D

And don't worry, I'll have the ventilation system uninstalled. ^_^
For the love of God man, keep it in. The fresh air may do me some good. I doubt it will but we can all hope, eh?
It looks like an authentic blog entry to me! Though the crocodiles are new. They might appreciate the ventilation, too.
So let me get this straight... You are going to blog about... nothing in particular. In a manner which is ...completely unoriginal?

I can see this working out very well.

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