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Well, this is a bit awkward. I'm a blog virgin. I'm not sure what content is expected, so I'll just wing it! :grin:

About a month, give or take, I decided that it's time to re-ignite my passion for writing. The first step was to clean out a junk filled spare room and set up a good creative space. I'm rocking a laptop that can run Youtube, this forum, and word, but I'm skeptical if it can run them all at the same time. It's perfect for a work computer. I get easily distracted, so isolation is key. I guess at 33 (as of Feb 27th) I just want more to life than mindlessly playing video games or watching TV.

My current step, is to develop the habit of writing everyday. At the very least, 5 days a week (after work). I think this blog and perhaps a journal will be a good stepping stone for that goal. I think as far as the content, I'll try to make observations and/or lessons learned. I could fill this with all the things that irk me, or otherwise upset me, but I want to keep it introspective; perhaps even spark a debate.

I'm currently reading Meditations by Marcus Aurelius. It's quite a profound read. I've been working towards becoming more cool headed and stoic. This is the gold standard in which everything is based off of.

Book 2:

8. Don't forget these things: The nature of the world. My nature. How I relate to the world. What proportion of it I make up. That you are part of nature, and no one can prevent you from speaking and acting in harmony with it, always.

This is interesting for me since I can think back and picture all of the pain caused by me not acting in accordance with my nature. I'm always bombarded with opportunities to bend my morals for the sake of smoothing over a situation. Pretty well the last 7 years of my professional career has been at odds with my morals. I've always adhered to being honest, good willed, and empathetic. I've noticed these traits are considered a weakness, often viewed as naive. A balanced approach has yielded some positive results, but it still conflicts with my nature. I see some merit in living a cold dispassionate life, but I don't think I could live with the inner turmoil of being at odds with my nature. In short bursts, say 8 hours a day, I think would be a good compromise. Lots to ponder there.

Well, that's all I can think of for an attempt at a quality first blog post. Was it good for you? :p


I like to read other people's world views and all the baggage that comes with that...I find there is a fine line between a point of view and pontificating...soon as I get a sniff of the later I switch....
I'm a huge proponent of free speech, and by extension, thought. I may never agree with a person's ideology, but I will hear them out. Playing devil's advocate, and looking into the merits of notions, has always been important for me to make a decision or accept an idea. That's about the extent of what I might get preachy on. I hate the notion that a thought or idea can't be discussed because it became a taboo. You can agree to disagree and still have a meaningful discussion. Speaking of which, I think I'll make today's blog post about that. Would be a good discussion topic IMO
Let it out, man.

I'm all down with Free Speech = Good / Censorship = Refuge of Cowards.

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