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Darren White
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Dusk I wait for you behind the chimney on the tiled roof inside the shack near the axe and the drawing with my face pinned to the wall under the desk while you write safely tucked between your feet in the willow's shade amidst stubborn dragonflies to watch sunset grief chants inaudible...
I was a ballet dancer before I ended up in a wheelchair. The poem below is written around >> THIS DANCE << CAPTUREDsome moments are mindless insanity with twisted reality he says he says a lotleave pain behind an endless word flow a whale's fountain his face mirrors mine his finger swipes...
My friend Chris Green (also on WF) and I write a lot of poems together. It's something we very much like to do, in between talking online during our day. I would like to share on of these poems here. Hope you like it. *** Terracotta Alabaster pillars reach to heights I’ve never known. Marble...
(with thanks to my friend Michael Coy) To An Injured Fox Cub Today I found you cornered, drenched in cold, your fur coat nothing but a newborn's down, a tiny ball unfolding while I hold you shivering. Your lacerations frown and at a distance, I can see the why of your abandonment, the birds...

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