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does someone around here like my stories?
April had to do something and she had to do it quickly. Jonnie and her dad had not started to get along as fast as she thought. The ice had to be broken. She knew the ice was thick before treading on it. The winters around there were harsh, and she knew it first hand. The Northern winter wind...
Jonnie looked at his watch. It was 5.30am. It took him several minutes to become fully awake, and realize that someone outside, Jeremiah, to be exact, was chopping wood. April was sleeping blissfully. He gazed at her for some time, soaking up her mountain fairness. He wanted her up and about...
Chapter 1 If there was ever a happy guy on this planet, Jonnie would be that guy. 'I love kissing her.'' The thought appeared in his mind, as he ran his fingertips through April's hair. ''Come on, Jonnie,'' April's smile added sunshine to a nearing sunset, ''We'll go to my dad's. There...

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