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Blog: Sunrise

there's aura everywhere but i'm still out there i pretend that i don't see or it wasn't for me but as always i wanted for me to be i cry ,i try and ignore to care ,care to go i'm in between fighting though who knows ,helps me to find that aura full of piece of mind which they can steal here all...
Some comes some goes who's knows what comes i circulated my soul to connect to them just wanted my soul to glow every time they come around i'm about to kill myself they are knife in the kitchen when it hurts children i cry and scream i fly and dream in the end your anguish becomes at it's...
There was a girl her life was full of happiness You can say she didn't know sadness Full of laughter and joy With her your time you enjoy Once she was walking at night With a great friend to her Then she went home and left her alone She was walking beside the moon When it disappeared She...

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