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Blog: Sir Roberts

Literally nothing. Nietzsche once wrote that Nihilism (pessimism on steroids) was a means to an end, a 'transitional stage' where a person would disregard societal values in favour of hopelessness and hatred. Alright, Friedrich. I completely agree. Can I bloody transition now? Sadly I'm not...
It's about that time, eh, chaps? Right-ho. I shall begin with a question... is drinking a particularly bad thing to do? An odd question to ask, I understand and (taking most of my forum posts in to consideration) I bet you all realise my thoughts on the matter. But, just to clarify: Of...
Whoever got the Deckard Cain reference, feel free to pat yourself on the back; you deserve it. Now, on to more serious topics: Today (yesterday, I should say) has been a very interesting day [ignore the rhyme, it wasn't intended] I have cleaned the cooker, or 'stove' for our American friends...
Well, after browsing these forums for several days I began to notice all this 'blog' melarchy. Blogs have always confused me. I like to consider myself an experienced internet user and throughout the years I have seen the rise of things like blogs, or vlogs or just ordinary logs (no... wait...

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