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Blog: Nicholas McConnaughay

7am, I should've really went to bed at an earlier time than what I did. The film, Starry Eyes, wasn't worth the exhaustion that filled my eyes. I went to bed at eight and woke up at midnight, unable to sleep any longer than that, I stayed up and thumbed through films off of Full Moon...
Hola, Out of Framers! Whazzzup? Me, I am shooting the breeze and enjoying the next few days or so with my feet propped up over a table as the allergies chip me away into nothingness. Not joking, isn't it wonderful that when someone mows a lawn, it can render me completely useless for the...
I have been a little deterred and inconsistent with my blogging and works as of late. I mean, I've been throwing around Poetry like no tomorrow, but I haven't been advertising and it just hasn't been the effort and communication that I've set a precedent for on Out of Frame. How are you...

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