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Blog: NathanielleC

With rare exceptions, one or more of my characters will pay a visit to the smallest room. I'm in good company. Stephen King characters peed and pooped. Michael Crichton characters peed and pooped, especially in Pirate Latitudes. Oskar had problems with incontinence in the first chapters of Let...
I went back to one of the other writing forums after a long hiatus. Prostrated myself and apologized for the thing that was mostly their fault but trying to be the "bigger" man or whatever. And after about a day or two I said, "Why am I bothering again?" The second one I went to that I stopped...
It's very important that I have some sort of life beyond just my apartment and my job. I am content but not entirely happy. I have some material things but my home is very spartan for the most part and my job is really just a means to an end that is very far off. I have a few minor projects...
You know what research is? It's a funny way of saying, "What is such" and then finding the answer. But when the available resources are not enough you sometimes have to do other things like experimenting and asking people directly. I get that there are some people out there who abuse the...

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