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Blog: Myk3y

An occasional Grumpy Old Man Missive: As a regular user of the postal services over the last fifty or so years, I've noticed that as countries improve, so their postal services decline. When we lived in the UK we had amazing speed and efficiency, but they only delivered on alternate days and...
An Occasional Grumpy Old Man Missive: I have noticed a trend: as you get on in life, your ability to be comfortably seated is significantly reduced. When I was two, I could hunker down on my heels. At three, happily sit on my granddad's bony knee. At four, a tree branch or jutting-out rock was...
An Occasional Grumpy Old Man Missive: Which, for someone of post-war middle-class British extraction with a history of discussing and moaning about the weather, politicians, the French and the shambles that is British Rugby and Australian cricket, is pretty close to being the actual limit. It...

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