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Blog: Megan Pearson

Hello Friends! How is the rewrite going? Well, since you asked… It’s not. It’s horrible! Not how I had planned the week at all! Without boring you with the details, let’s just say I became very busy after my last blog post and that, folks, is that. In the evenings, too? Yes, in the...
Hello Friends! I’ve heard that one great way of staying on track and accomplishing your goals is to share them with other like-minded folks who can help keep you accountable to what you’ve planned. Not that I expect or am looking for that degree of commitment from any readers here (in fact, it...
It’s All in Our Approach I want to to start with how we approach our task. I am not emphasizing the audience here, but rather seeking to examine how the writer is influenced by his training as he sets out to write. It is my contention that the career professional gets ‘locked’ into how he...
Out of all the books and articles I have read on writing, only two directly addressed the transition writers must face when writing outside of their career skill set. I wish I could find them, but my entire library is currently boxed up in storage. The insight they have brought me has changed...

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