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Blog: Lord Reecingale

Chapter Two It only took two days for Eric to find a fourth room-mate: a young woman named Raine. Apparently she was really good looking. Lloyd rolled his eyes, reminding himself of his father. “Great, Eric, her body sounds lovely,” Lloyd said, cutting off Eric's rant. “What's she studying?”...
I only just got home from my trip to the US so here's the next part. I'll put up some more next week or so, *** Exactly why Eric was taking so many classes at the University, Lloyd could never figure out. He pondered it as he caught the train home that evening: Eric was doing Potions...
This is the first chapter of a novel I have nearly finished. The prologue in somewhere on the Chapter One “Essence of camphor,” Lloyd muttered to himself. “Powdered root of rose, petals of marigold…” The vial bubbled and hissed, so Lloyd turned the Bunsen burner down slightly. No point in...

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