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Blog: LaughinJim

In the world of the trades, the master usually lets the apprentice know, right off the bat, if he has the required facility to become a journeyman in the discipline. In a matter of a few weeks, as he carefully observes the young man’s diligence, attention to detail, neatness, etc., he makes this...
When I was a boy, people thought differently than they do today. I believe they were more inquisitive and discerning, never tending to accept things at face value; looking for underlying meanings and truths in what was read or spoken. They tended to shun rumor-mongerers and take that...
To Write Well, be Well-read Many years ago, the sentiment contained in the title would have gone without saying. These days, I believe it is necessary to say it loud and clear: put down the mass market trash and pick up something worthwhile. Writers who are fortunate enough to scratch out a...

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