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Blog: krishenry

Of Fire And Ice By Kristen Crawford Chapter Three The ride home was a wary one, though the conversations weren’t so much. We spent most of our time playing “I Spy” and talking about boys and listening to music on the radio, a mix of rock and Christmas songs, at times singing along. I stared...
Of Fire And Ice By Kristen Crawford Chapter Two After coffee and returning to campus, I entered the building and headed up the stairs to my Animal Biology class. Yep. Animal lover. And I was hoping to become another zoologist of the future. Where would it take me? Local zoo? Park...
Of Fire And Ice By Kristen Crawford Chapter One I made my way down the quiet streets, pulling my jacket closer to me as a chilly autumn breeze blew through, hitting my face dead on. Winter was right around the corner and Mother Nature let everyone know it. My college classmate...

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