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Some time ago, I can't remember exactly when, I was inspired to coin the phrase you now see in my avatar and my signature - 'Sometimes, only a cow will do.' The phrase was a response to an initial phrase I once used from the internet - 'Life is like an artichoke. I don't know why, it just is...
It's hard being shot down. I have confidence in my skills. I've gone through intense training. My teachers have confidence in my skills. Maybe I just suck at auditions. I gave New York a shot, but the school there turned me down. Feeling mixed emotions. On the one hand, my...
It's been seven years since my first attempt at writing a novel, not counting my NaNoWriMo works. I've written shorter pieces in that time but nothing longer. But ideas are ever brewing and I need the time to bring them to completion. Works in the works - 1. Worldly Conversations...

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