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Blog: James Hercules Sutton

Epiphany This is the word most misused by poets. It means “something invisible that emerges from something visible.” Poets forget it’s religious and requires divine intervention. To them, it’s “any eureka moment that offers a warm personal gesture of appreciation to a poet from herself.” I’m...
Here are my predictions: ∙ He’ll get grumpier. ∙ Something will go wrong, and he’ll make it worse. ∙ His blind trust will have eyes. ∙ He and facts will remain strangers. ∙ He won’t win the Nobel Peace Prize. ∙ His policies will be based on The Gong Show. ∙ He’ll create full employment...
Many "poems" nowadays are prose elevated to poetry by political correctness. A poem is not metaphor alone, but a nexus of elements that express human experience for aesthetic purpose; for poetry, this means using language charged to the utmost with the best words in the best order. "Charged to...

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