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Blog: J.T. Chris

I've received several rejections this week on a few different stories. They were all form rejections, too, so no indication of what wasn't working. I must say I am impressed with the response times. Some only took a month, others about two weeks. That means you can send them out again a lot quicker.
I received two form rejections this week. These were the first stories I've submitted in five-years. I feel like a writer again.
In a new article by Sarah Labrie, the author talks about a subject many writers shy away from discussing: how excruciatingly difficult it is. The article resonated with me in that I am often guilty of staring for hours at a blinking cursor before ending each session by slamming my fist on the...
I tried to write today, but produced dreck. It's been five years since I've made a serious effort at writing. I should expect to be a little rusty, but this is the pitts. It's like language decided to leak out of my brain as if it were a font and I'm leftover with the most elementary of words...
I find myself trying to compose words today in a coherent, legible manner. I expect these words to have a poetic quality to them, something that stimulates the brain in an interesting way. Instead I find that the words I produce on the page are utter drivel. This is my crisis. I suppose after...

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