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Blog: ireneintheworld

I slip inside your hotel with a bag. It's just me but I’m stuffed with stowaways and guilt. Your advert: Imaginary Friends Stay Free.I'm overwhelmed. You see, they multiply, and never leave, so I’m faced with the problem of housing. They never stay in one place...mill about like a plague of...
Oh yes, we like numbers, like to know things, what’s what and where everything is and who’s accountable...and who’s not here, and when will we know different. Humans are always waiting for something,and some things are often late. Oh how I would love to call those people our late...
My wardrobe doesn’t run to hand-painted silk nor do I intend crawling around tea-houses for any kind of men: I squeeze and evict my Earl Grey t-bag, coveting the business end of the ceremony, anticipating taste buds settling into a hammock full of satisfaction in the privacy of my own...

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