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Blog: Guy Faukes

My Masters has been an excellent experience so far. The city I'm in is enjoyable, quiet, and quaint. I'm learning a lot about laboratory techniques and learning a lot about food safety policies as well. A glimmer of affection may or may not be blossoming between a certain individual in a lab...
Yes, it is a disgusting habit, it's terrible for your health, and here in Canada, it's very, very expensive. A regular pack cost me $13 and I plan to make it last for at least a couple of month. To be fair, I'm not smoking a lot, only a few a week; my body is so unused to nicotine that I still...
I get why teenagers (and even preteens) complain about the difficulty of life and why they are so bloody angsty. Yes, their problems are minuscule and overblown and, yes, they're entitled little [email protected]#$s that don't know true hardship, but it's an age where you suddenly feel all of life's difficult...

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