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Blog: Gofa

How about a little me time A good place to turn the chicken loose to scratch the bottom of my cage Considering me, how much time do I put into being just me and not just who I should be or an adaptation for pleasing other In my day job this aspect was substantial as you needed to project a...
Number two Thanks Dither, your comment is much appreciated. Im here remembering again. The piece I will get to was written in hospital 5 or so years ago after falling or actually stepping off a motorised skate board at say 30 to 40 kph. I hyper extended both knees split my tibia and...
This is not easy I'm surprised at how truly gut wrenchingly difficult it is I’ve written and posted this blog once before and deleted it I am trying to reframe to myself that this is a good idea for me as it crystallizes self identity and self acceptance but but but Telling the truth...

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