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Blog: Fine_Man42

Words cannot describe how excited I am for the Mortal Engines movie. Sure, it came to prominence in the glut of YA dystopian sci-fi, but its unique setting and a decidingly quirky approach to the genre gave it a much needed identity from the crowd. I'm a little upset that Hester (the girl with...
Does your taste in fiction have anything to do with your personality? I've wondered this for a very, very long time. Like high school time. And I'm 22. At least it feels like a long time. Either way, a lot of my interests begin to solidify at that time. That was where I discovered the "-punk"...
I don't really know how exactly this blogging thing works. I mean, I look at other authors' blogs, and I keep thinking about whether I'm supposed to blog like them or someone else. I get that it's supposed to be another word for a journal, except everyone has the key to it. But what am I...
People have been egging me on to get me to start a blog, so here it is. I've given in. I surrender. *reveals stomach* I've finally done it. Either way, my name is Connor. I recently graduated from George Mason University, with a degree in Computer Game Design. I am a writer and artist, and I...

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