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Blog: Dylan di Vilde

If you’re feeling a little bit low why not purchase my poems below? diverting and cheap with nothing too deep you carry them round as you go. When going by bus or by train you can read ‘em again and again just put up your feet on the opposite seat and agreeably tickle your brain. By keeping...
If winters are warmer well, that’s down to me - for I run over bikes with my SUV, I put bottles and tins in the wrong colour bins and then just for fun, burn coal by the ton. My unnecessary drives save pensioners’ lives - cutting broken hips from frosty slips, wintery chills, and energy bills...
Snotty nose, O snotty nose, where it comes from nobody knows. It’s not a cold, I’ve had the flu - the Swine, the Bird and the Man type too. Recovered, scrubbed up good as new. but the stubborn, sudden, snotty nose still hangs around, it comes and goes, its conquest needing several blows. I’m...
When you’re facing the realisation that you’re lacking divine inspiration and you’re struggling to bring to mind a topic of the worthy kind, and you wonder what occurrence might inspire you to start to write. You may proclaim in a poncey way ‘O whither Muse shall I go today?’ There’s...

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