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Blog: AwkwardWriter

Hey, everyone; are you warm and cozy in this cold weather? It's just a little chilly, don't you think? Christmas break has come to a close and everyone is mourning going back to school, so what better time than to start a new and hopefully regular blog series? Boy, the holidays always give that...
I really need to stop posting during the late hours of the night, but it's alright if you don't mind a little bit of crazy mingled in with the review. Tonight I finished the second book in the Books of Ember series, People of Sparks. Again, it's listed as a children's book, but much can be...
The Books of Ember series has been fantastic, sucking the reader into the world of Lina Mayfleet in an instant. As it's technically a series for children, it's not a complicated story to follow, and is easy to finish, but that does not make it bad. I've only read The City of Ember and have...

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