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Blog: Aquilo

Rome... Venice... they're some of the top of the places to visit before I kick the bucket and start munching daisies from the ground up. But Durdle Door in the UK, and I'm blaming Ollie Taylor for this because it's his photography that really caught my eye, has to be the top of the list. I have...
Felt a little nostalgic tonight, so I sat hunting through my CD collection to get a feel for why. You know, I thought I'd never come across a good cover version of Simon & Garfunkel's original of "The Sound of Silence", but I've got to admit, Disturbed's cover is... absolutely stunning, in my...
I was looking through my lad's drawings today. He's fourteen and pretty much expresses everything by his drawings, so I can pretty much gauge how he's feeling not so much by the slam of the door, but more how hard he's sketching on his pad. He's taken to digital art over the past year or so and...

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