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Blog: Allysan

How is my day going you ask? Wonderful, I say. Have you ever heard the saying that if you forget something when you leave the house that it's bad luck to turn around and go back for it? Well I'd never heard it until today when it was too late. We turned around for a lousy invoice that we...
I've written 70,000 words of my first manuscript in first person POV and present tense. I knew from the beginning that it's not done often, but I didn't realize that it's actually looked down upon. Overall I have felt pretty good about what I've put on paper thus far, despite the usual plot...
My husband, daughter and I have just left a three day vacation in Charleston, South Carolina. We had a wonderful time exploring the historic downtown, which features a plethora of beautiful old houses and churches. I spent the first day day-dreaming about becoming a rich and famous author and...

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