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Blog: Pitch Slapped to the Max (Fury Road)

I have been a little deterred and inconsistent with my blogging and works as of late. I mean, I've been throwing around Poetry like no tomorrow, but I haven't been advertising and it just hasn't been the effort and communication that I've set a precedent for on Out of Frame.

How are you? Me, I haven't been bad. I've worked seven months now at a Deli which is, ... depressing, but other-wise, I've been flourishing from a creative perspective and have been having a lot more enthusiasm about day-to-day life. I'll be returning to the gym soon in hopes that it will assist this aspiring mental well-being, and I even wrote a poem called 'Appease the Muskrats in Your Head" that sort-of, kind-of talks about more optimistic days to come. Hopefully. Of course.

I wrote another poem called Josef which found an audience on Writing Forums, and by that, I mean, I was called disgusting and accused of antisemitism. Of course, this was eventually refuted and debunked when the application of common sense and logic reeled itself into the mix. For the most part, I've received positive reviews for it, and at the very least, besides the criticism, it has received more notoriety than any of my other works. All I had to do was write about a murderer from the Holocaust. Jesus, if that did well, then I'll be a best-seller if I write about Hitler. All joking aside, the work has received a lot of notice, and even if some dimwitted folk construed it as anything other than what it was, ... that is, a heartfelt work showing the actions of a manipulative man and the facade he disguised himself with in-front of the children of Auschwitz.

I watched Pitch Perfect 2 and Mad Max: Fury Road last night. Pitch Perfect 2 was boring beyond all belief and I can't honestly figure out why I decided to watch it. I think I remembered the first one as being enjoyable, but honestly, after watching this one, I find it hard to believe that even that one was anything beyond just watchable. Mad Max, on the other-hand, was complete bliss and was one of the funnest times I've had at the theater in a while. I'm smiling from ear-to-ear on one and frowning about the other, I suppose.

The Red Flux has been culminated more and more. I am at 51,000 words and will hopefully finish it sometime in June. After that, I'll start the editing work for it and maybe start looking for publishers. Blind Salvation: An Origin Story was self-published, but I was thinking about trying to 'put myself out-there' more with The Red Flux. I am realizing more and more that time is short and I want to be ableto share my work with as many as possible. Nobody has come up to me and said, 'Hey, I want to advertise your work,' or anything like that, so I feel like self-publishing might have only been on a trial basis, but I think it was also a necessary experiment.

Keep it easy, guys!


All right, Nicholas... for 19 you're very word... s'mithy... word-... word-... wordy. Except for this line: "...has been culminated more and more." Hmmm(that's with a furrowed brow, if you couldn't tell) :) 51k ? Good deal. Keep it up.

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