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Blog births [language warning]

Matty owned a pro-blog for many years, it made me, and him, very very very very poorly.

Arisen anew we thought to beta-test this here WF facility, see how men might arise together, we might re-indulge art-form toward mutual delights alone at the screen face...


I am...in

writing diary.

1. Seems like Crust still have my manuscript in progress. :(

2. Meanwhile sub-ed Q has not replied to short version 6000 story, nor extended chapbook 13K version. :((

3. Obviously only a matter of hours to realise I never won Bridport fuck fuck fuck FUCK sake fuck fuck off :((((

4. Two friends on the Twitter account :)

A great day for eating. I made porage in traditional spelling. Wife would not buy Scottish oats in principle. I believed the packaging may have been American, she said they were Irish oats and I've come around to her way of thinking. Definitely no Scottish produce in the household.

Very nice porridge. My porridge fantasy appeared on Thursday night-shift, I believe. A real (visceral) pain thinking about porridge and cream and sugar and she says, always water and misery and salt. I want cream you woman so I made my porridge in secret while she was sleeping. Nonetheless I fed her cat.

Cup of tea for two. Bacon sandwich. Comments were made, offensive about my addiction to bacon, leave me a couple of 'pieces' she always says this, extremely, well I don't care really, only bacon.

Tried to watch the dog film in Japanese. Cried so much over Hachi, I traced the film history toward the Japanese original. One of my main talking points at present passing bus stops.

Daughter is properly well, son remains wandering shoeless around the nation with his guitar, & no underpants. Shall buy his underpants tomorrow and his strings. Work on Tuesday. Work is hell, but I am kind of nice around vulnerable people, will not apply for mental health nurse role due to continuing self-hatred/impending fame as blogger.

Salmon mousse, amazing and exotic duck pancakes. Argued over noodles. Shall try my hardest to listen to as much night talk radio as possible.

Good night diary.


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