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Blog - 5/24/15: Comic Con

7am, I should've really went to bed at an earlier time than what I did. The film, Starry Eyes, wasn't worth the exhaustion that filled my eyes. I went to bed at eight and woke up at midnight, unable to sleep any longer than that, I stayed up and thumbed through films off of Full Moon Streaming (I have a subscription) and that was that. I went to bed at four in the morning and managed with three more hours of sleep. That's seven hours, awkward hours, albeit, but that was enough to keep myself awake for the whole of the day. Comic Con was fun the last year, and this one I assumed would be no different. The car-ride was a Monster Energy filled extravaganza, not even counting the two cups of coffee I had before I left for the ride out to the Metro Link.

It was a little hectic last year, difficult finding where to go, and it just felt like there was a lot of complications. This one didn't have that. Arrived at the Metro Link without any trouble, the ride on the train went smoothly. The smell of nothingness and what had to have been a mixture of fifty-percent body odor was upon us, we arrived at Comic Con. Everything was just starting up and getting squared away, $65 dollars was a little steep, it was more than last year, and besides the B-list celebrities we would be offered the chance to speak with, all we were given was an entryway to buy more of their stuff. 10am.

This isn't San Diego's Comic Con, St. Louis doesn't have the same vivacity as the other one. I know that, but that doesn't stop me from enjoying it. I am from a village with less than eight-hundred people, so even a crowd that's only marginally populated still feels enormously encumbered. Looking around all of the different entertainment mediums. Posters and paintings and works from all different types of creative people. Honestly, it didn't look like it had as much this year as it did the year before. A small feeling of angst swept over me. A feeling of uneasiness as if this year would pale in-comparison to the last. Not letting that happen, I made for certain to expand my horizons on comic-books and graphic novels regardless. Last year, I bought the first ten issues of Hellraiser and Season Three of Jericho, a graphic-novel. I needed to outdo myself. After all, this year, I had a job and money, and had been saving specifically for this. I bought:

Saga: Volume One
Saga: Volume Two
Pretty Deadly: Volume One
Naibiter: Volume One

Outcast: Volume One

That was all. That was it. I was satisfied. A bunch of new reading to do. New stories to discover. New fun to be had. Then, a couple hours later, they showed us new stuff. Goddammit.

Judge Dredd: The Complete Case Files 01
Essential Web of Spider-Man: Volume Two
Daredevil - Volume One
Daredevil - Volume Two

I won't detail the specifics of any of these. I don't know the different universes, or any of that stuff, and I have no eagerness to learn it. I like the storytelling, and oftentimes I venture away from the superhero genre. If only because it's something that been captured in film, and because I don't usually enjoy superhero comics.


The Q&A's were interesting. Last year had Bruce Campbell, William Shatner, and Adam West, amongst others, and this year had George Romero, Jason Muse, Michael Rooker, Penguin from Gotham, folk from Agent Carter, and a few others. I would take those first three over this years for certain. But I really enjoy Bruce Campbell. Rooker and Muse's time on-stage was the best of the whole show. Rooker seemed like he was high out of his mind. Dark sunglasses might have been hiding some bloodshot eyes. Or maybe not, who knows? He was entertaining though. Jason wasn't bad either. It was an interesting change-of-pace to go from their nonsensical rambling to the coherent wordings from the members of Agent Carter. George Romero might have meant more if I was more familiar with his work, but other-wise, he seemed uninterested. Likely cause he has done these a million-times over. Penguin looked enthusiastic and excited, which was nice to see, and he made Gotham look a lot better than it actually is.

A band named Critical Hit played before the last-section of the show. They did songs for about an hour. Instrumentals of a lot of different video-game music. Seem like a very talented and likable group, which is why I remembered their names in case any of you want to look them up.

The costume contest is a shoe-in for a highlight and this year was no different. Even more than the costumes, which ranged from immaculately creative to meh, the judges were entertaining. One of the cosplayers dresses up like Jack Sparrow every year, and after winning twice in a row, they finally let him be a judge. Most entertaining judge of the three by-far, this included being better than the Green Power Ranger, (Jason David Frank) who is there every year. Although, he seems like a good guy when he's there, even if he does seem to start conflict elsewhere. (i.e. his weird feud with CM Punk)

It was a fun night. Spent about $140 when it was all said and done, which isn't bad, and I enjoyed myself. Fun seeing all of the comic-book fans dressing up, and even if I am not a fan of crowds, it's worth it to see people with such a passion for something like this.

The ride back was smooth as well. The reason I take the time to mention this is because how haphazard I am with navigating through areas. We got off on the wrong stop last year, and we almost got on a train on the wrong side this year but we noticed it in time. 1am

All in all, a very good night. Look forward to it again next year.

Take care, guys!


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