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Blog - 5/21/15: Comical Convicts (Comic Con!)

Hola, Out of Framers! Whazzzup? Me, I am shooting the breeze and enjoying the next few days or so with my feet propped up over a table as the allergies chip me away into nothingness. Not joking, isn't it wonderful that when someone mows a lawn, it can render me completely useless for the day? In the mean-time, my days have been filled with something that feels close to nothing at all. Like, I've existed for the last few days and have nothing to show for it. That isn't entirely true though, because I did write two Poems that are now on Out of Frame. I don't think either will crack my top-five, but they are interesting enough. I want to keep delving into introspective comedy with my poetry. Like, Laughter is the Best Medicine might have symbolized exactly what I want for my work to be. It is meaningful, but it also allows me to do some of my wordplay and jokes. I don't know when my next one will be. I don't want to write on command for it anymore, so I'll just be waiting for inspiration to come. I have to work on The Red Flux after all.

In other-news, I bought F.E.A.R. 3. The hope is that it will be as fun as the second one. I also have some other titles that I will be pursuing sometime or another.

Comic Con is this Saturday.

I have been looking forward to it for the last couple of months, and I am exciting to be there and enjoy the atmosphere. And buy comics and other stuff I need. Last year, I bought the third season graphic-novel of Jericho, so I'll be looking for the fourth. I also want to buy some more Hellriser comic-books and maybe to take home some anime. As for guest-speakers, I know that Seth Rollins, Paige, George Romero, James O'Barr, and a few others will be there. Oh, and Tara Reid. I am most curious to see O'Barr, but I doubt he'll do anything much, or that I'll even see him. They are making a remake for The Crow though, so maybe he''ll have his own panel. This isn't as good of a guest list as last year which had Burt Ward, Adam West, William Shatner, and Bruce Campbell. But the costume contest and the atmosphere was really the best thing of the night anyway.

Oh, and I redesigned Out of Frame recently. It is nothing too fancy and that's by design. I wanted to keep it light and make it easier to read everything. I think I succeeded. I also uploaded the cover-work for Spade and This is Fiction. I'll likely end up changing the cover for This is Fiction though. I like the look and I think it gives an anticipation for what's to come for both the readers and for me.

I'll be heading to the gym soon. That will be good. I need to get back in-shape. Think I can do that too, and I think it will help my mental and physical health and make me motivated to write more.

That's really all with me though, all the best!

- Nick


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