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Blind Positivity

The weight of the world can be oppressive and dark, particularly when we're buried under a sea of existential angst to begin with. It can be useful to 'flip the script' as they say, and try on a shifted perspective. What has been working for me lately is to pay more attention to the good things happening in each moment. For instance, I am breathing, and nothing really hurts. The air is clean enough and I have a glass of water right here to drink. Today, while not guaranteed, is unfolding nicely. I'm enjoying it. Who knows what the world will look like in a year, five years, a decade, but today's pretty good.

Good enough.

The subliminal directionality that underpins my existence has always trended north and west. The one time I dared to defy it, a series of rabid beasts descended and tore out bits of spirit. The trending directionality has helped to patch it back until I once again resemble an earlier version.

Hope you all have moments of joy sprinkled into the shuddering horrors of existence. Milk them.


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