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Blathering's and Updates from the Shadow Puppet Bob

The Rantings and Ravings of a Fool

I’ve been having a ball on these new blogs. They have shined a lightbulb on my muses. Thanks to Pip by rejecting one of my) I thought stock pics) even though there was a watermark on it (I’m an Idiot) I decided to draw my own stuff. I know they’re pretty bad but they’re fun to do. It shows the etchings of my personality. I’m redoing my totem series, got thirteen in the bag another 15 or so to go.

Going back to those pics that were copyrighted on some of my totem ones makes me sick. I was a thief, an inadvertent one but still a thief. Out of all those pics I posted on my old totem series about eight or so were copyrighted over the hundred or so I posted, but it still bugs the hell out of me. Thank God not too many people read them. I sincerely apologize to those artists—forgive this old fool… Pay attention when posting pics not your own—well I need to pay attention…

I also want to thank the owners of this site, Pip, Gumby, and Darren for doing the massive work of transferring all those blogs. What a hell of an undertaking. My sincerest thanks.

Another great benefit of these blogs it made me continue with my android gospels. It originally was a writing exercise on one of the WF challenges, when it ended, I stopped writing them due to laziness. I love my android’s and I’m now in the middle of a new episode - my cast of characters cheered when I continued their adventures. Santo Nicola disagrees with me as he reminds me, I’m only one of his shadow puppets. He said he took a long nap but he’s now awake, so the story of creation and annihilation will continue as he pumps those events into my addled head.

That’s it for now, oh, my only nit with the blogs is the images are so freaking big, wish they were smaller but you can’t always get what you want

The shadow puppet


I've tried, but maybe I'm missing something, I'll look deeper in this issue, I'd like to put two or three images in the space like the old blogs
You can. That first picture is only necessary to display it on the homepage. But
while you are typing your blog, you have the edit window, like here where I am typing now, and you can click insert image. That allows you to add pictures anywhere you need them:

Hey Bob, just circling back to this. :) I am pleased you are enjoying the new WF blog and you have the opportunity to shine a light on your muses. I love your quirky and original drawings as they are part of your creative process and make your entries more personal.

Lots of people fall into the trap of using images with copyright attached it is easily done and in all innocence.

As for image size. Why don't you resize before uploading? This old dinosaur is still struggling with different aspects of WF but getting there slowly ... actually ... a snail would probably progress faster than me. :)
I've taken a look at your image bob, and as far as I can see the image size is 2886 x 3484px. Try resizing to before you upload and see if that helps

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