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It just occurred to me that the story of Bladerunner is that of fugitive slaves. Machine-slaves...but slaves.

And all the ethical questions of what is life and do machines have rights and feelings and such mirror the same ethical debates back in the times of slavery. Many people believed- individually, culturally, morally, and scientifically, that enslavement was a good thing for the slaves. Some were half-and-half on the matter. Others occupied extreme ends of the spectrum.

In Bladerunner, the fugitive slaves are unlawful and so slave catchers are sent to hunt them down. Thinking of this made me think of a wondrous and chilling question. What happens when, one day, you realize that your machines live? They think. They feel. They desire. What do you do? Do you destroy it or do you befriend it?

If you befriend it, what happens when society demands that you destroy it...you're living friend? Or that it's newfound autonomy/awareness must be scrubbed or returned to factory conditions- rendering it, once again, obedient and lawful?


You are right on the ethics. But I don't know where he got his well of inspiration from to write it. Consider that sometimes studying classics has given ideas. And I think that is what you have been doing. You go to youtube to read on the inspiration of classic authors. So an android story on slavery would interesting to write.

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