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First Saturday of the month is Blackout Poetry day. If you don't know what that is, here's the gist: Poets gather at a coffee shop (okay, you don't have to gather with poets, you can go solo at home LOL), grab a torn out page from a book, find words that make a poem and then black out the rest of the words. This is a fun activity for me, one I look forward to every month. Sometimes you get a page that works out really well and surprises you at the twists and turns the words take, but most of the time I have really challenging pages.... where it seems like there is no way you can make any words meld into a poem of any sort at all. Perhaps my brain just can't see through the words, but an insurmountable wall pops up and no inspiration what-so-ever. I did try out a children's book "Wind in the Willows" because of the nice pictures, the images were decorative and added a unique dimension and I came away with an inspirational poem. I was amazed at the innocent wisdom.

You know, the usual
trust the world
if you've got any sense
help friends before departing company
he explained

Of course, because it is a copy written book the black-out page it isn't anything I could ever use for publishing (and I don't know that the poem is good enough either) but I love the page anyway and have framed it for my poetry wall at home. It was a fun experiment. Happy Saturday everyone. I'll let you know how things work out today. I have high hopes for a positive, productive black-out poetry experience.


I have tried blackout poetry a couple of times and agree it's great fun! I'll give it a try next month... but please just remind me :)
Never tried it bit have done a few similar things. Sometimes it is amazing what comes of it. :)

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