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Bits of Life- Work Sucks

Today was rough. Exchanged words with my manager. She got really mad at me. We spoke for over an hour about a lot of things.

I'm tired of my job and constantly defending myself. I feel broken at my job. Don't worry I'm taking steps to leave, but damn work sucks.

The whole situation has left me completely drained. I'm not sure what else to do anymore about it. What's even worse is that one of the things that stuck with me is that she said she doesn't know what else she can do for me. Maybe I did put myself partially in this position. I'm not perfect, I have flaws and I've tried to work on a lot of shit over the last year, but it's gotten to be too much and I feel like everyone has scales over their eyes when it comes to my performance.

I just feel a little lost about the whole situation at the moment.

The only bright side I currently see from my job is that I get an employee discount.

Oh well. Life goes on and I just have to move forward right? Right.


We have to get through it.
I'm just a wage-slave, doing it for the money only.
A means to an end.
Good luck hammy.
working with people is tuff...all the mind games and stuff..people are like sheep and are so scared most of the time that they have to be apart of something that makes them blend in with the crowd and hope they are left alone by following other people....people are strange
You see am, there came a point where I felt that everything was rigged. That when you're born into this life, society has been set-up in such a way to prevent you from living how you want to. Because it has been, by the Rich Club. The families at the top of the food chain who benefit from the toils of the 99%. You have to abide by the rules, or else you cannot survive.

(Unless you are through-and-through serious about going against society, and living off the grid on your lonesome, and sustaining yourself through nature, it seems that the only way is to obey, does it not?)

Well, that is not the case. I have found it is far better to let the mindless slave away. Use them to our own advantage, and maybe take a few of them with us as followers. We can rise out of the game, if we pretend to play along. We can cheat, and we can break the rules. You and I can be happy, and do whatever it is that we want to do, if we play smart and beat them at their own game.

That's how I see it anyway. Everybody else seems content with "making a living" so they can live a shitty life. As George Carlin put it, "We've added years to life. Not life to years." If that's good enough for you than so be it. I for one believe that there's much more to this precious gift than a 9-5 job.

Apparently thinking this way makes you "crazy". Or "lazy". Or "immature". Call it what you want, but at the end of the day I'd rather not waste my life - my one chance at this for all I know - flipping burgers or counting numbers that only hold meaning because we say it does. Call me "entitled" or a fucking "asshole" for all I care, but I'll work until I achieve what I deserve, or die trying.

And I won't tell you what to do am, but if that is what you want, go for it. In fact, whatever it is that you want, find it or die trying.

this vid may seem a bit over the top at first and probably has no connection with you but further on it may connect with you.
Oh guys, I feel for you and understand. I've got 40-odd years behind me. One of my first experiences was buying a washer/dryer for the CEO on an employee discount. Now, what did he need an employee discount for? He had more money than God. Later I found out through the company grapevine he bought them for his mistress. I wondered why I sent it to some apartment - he had a huge house. I've got plenty more (whew). By the way, he had a bunch of kids by his wife + adoptions.

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