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Beware of the POV trigger.

I've written 70,000 words of my first manuscript in first person POV and present tense. I knew from the beginning that it's not done often, but I didn't realize that it's actually looked down upon. Overall I have felt pretty good about what I've put on paper thus far, despite the usual plot holes and details to be filled in during the editing process, but after reading through a couple of threads on WF on the subject, I'm discouraged. Does my tense and POV decrease my chances of being published? To further my dilemma, not only is my manuscript written in first person, it is written in first person through multiple characters. Separated by chapters of course, it's very clear and concise who's POV goes where.

I don't really think I'm looking for the negative advice, because I already know what most of you will say. I just needed to vent about it, get my feelings down.

Why, as writers, do we need to stray from a certain POV and tense just because someone else says it's not acceptable? Isn't the whole point of writing to be creative? Why is there the need to put limits on narrative and tense? Why is there such a focus on it anyway? Personally, when I am reading a good book, I forget all about the tense after the first page. If i'm truly immersed in a story, it makes no difference to me. Anyway, I guess I'm just trying to talk myself through this and stay motivated, because rewriting 70k words in a different POV feels daunting.

Sorry if this post is a little unorganized and out there. I'm in rant mode.


If it's written well and stays on tense you have as good a shot as 3rd person past tense- good luck -you're a talent:)

Have you taken a look through the YA and general fiction sections in the bookstores recently? Working in one, I can tell you that a large percentage of Teen titles and a growing number of standard fiction titles are being written in first person and multi-first person POV. It is one the first things I check for when perusing a new title because first person POV is not my cup of tea, but it sells. If you are working on a genre specific project e.g. Romance, Science Fiction, Fantasy, or Mystery you'll have a few more issues because third person POV is the ruling voice in those.

- D. the T. of P.B.
Thank you for your kind words Bob!

Darkkin, My WIP actually is closer to young adult I would say. Thank you for the encouragement!

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