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Between midnight and one. (360 Words)

So on his fine early morning I found myself unable to sleep so I thought why not sit at the laptop and see what happens...

Well below is a story by my slightly sleep deprived brain enjoy.

The time was midnight, all was silent in the house. Everyone but myself was fast asleep. I stare around my plain bedroom walls willing myself to drop off, When I heard it! From downstairs there came a thud, then a scrap. As though something heavy was being dragged across the living room. I grabbed my dressing-gown from the bottom of my bed and sneaked my way to the bedroom door. I pressed my ear against the cold wood as I listened for any noise from downstairs. Again came the dragging!

I began to shiver even though it was the middle of summer. Remembering what my grandmother had warned me of two years ago.

"Be careful of the witching hour Lila, between midnight and one AM!" Her scratchy old voice whispered through my head. "When the veil between worlds is the thinnest. A magical time when ghouls, sprites and daemons can enter our own word from theirs. As that is when he will come for you if you are not asleep!" Her warning had meant nothing to me then. I had always been asleep before eleven, never truly understanding my mum's dependence upon all of us being asleep before twelve or my Grandmother's before that.

Now with my ear against my door as something heavy dragged its way across the floor and the bottom door slowly swinging open on its rusty hinge. Then the slow thump, thump,thump. As up the stairs it came, I could hear a rasping accompanying the thumps. Slow shallow breathing that set the hairs on the backs of my arms,standing upright. Slowly it advanced and the breathing became clearer. Be came words.

"Silly girl, still wide awake, here we come and here we take!" The voice was cold and on just the other side of the door as I squeezed my eyes shut and waited!

I dared not to breathe as we both waited neither moving but both knowing it was the end. At-least the end of me! There was a shadow in the crack of my door and then around the edge came a slimy, green, spotty claw.

It gripped the door edge and pushed!


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