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So I'm wondering since my book 'The Book of Skull' has the potientail to make the best sellers list or even Joshua Clark, and I hope for Clark espscially since that I book I think would sell in the childrens market for millions or billions of dollars. I wonder though how in the world could I, an Ethiopian man make that kind of money or even be the first black man to write the greatest childrens book of the 21st century or even a dark fantasty book no less but I hope someone would be able to tell me clearly on this matter(if it's easy) because if it is then I'd be grateful or I'd have to work even harder. Because I feel Ethiopians have this passion then any other ethnicity has ever felt before, something greater. And I know it..


In the literary world, what has colour/race got to do with anything?
you're as good as your work.
That IS the sum of it.

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